Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster 80298: In-Depth Video Review

Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster 80298: In-Depth Video Review
May 8, 2015 3 min read
Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster 80298: In-Depth Video Review

Today we are looking at the 100% factory Rolex Lady-Datejust, reference number 80298 with the triple row diamond Pearlmaster bracelet. The original MSRP was $81,050 but as of May 2015, you would be able to find this Rolex with these features from a trusted pre-owned watch retailer at around $45,000.



Made of 18ct yellow gold, the Pearlmaster is 29mm in size, so 3mm more than the classic Lady-Datejust. The 32-diamond bezel is particularly my favorite on the Pearlmaster models in comparison to the 12-diamond because since you are already spending so much for it, you might as well add that extra couple thousand dollars and get the full experience.



The mother-of-pearl diamond dial is flawless, as the perfect amount of color comes through at different angles but is still subtle and easy to read. Each mother-of-pearl dial that Rolex manufactures is unique like a snowflake: no two dials are the same. It is one of my favorite dials to choose from and absolutely worth the extra cost, if you happen to be deciding between them.


Bracelet & Diamonds

What makes this Pearlmaster really special is the triple row diamond bracelet. It is kind of rare to see, although I’m not sure how many were manufactured. There is a double row diamond bracelet as well, which is still currently available for purchase from Rolex. But in my 13 years of being around this industry, it’s the first time that I’ve been able to go over and wear one in person.

Rolex selects only the highest quality diamonds. The diamonds, especially of this magnitude, are so vibrant. 270 diamonds are meticulously set in the bracelet in three rows. Bringing the entire watch together is the concealed folding crownclasp. This is where the clasp is hidden from view and it creates a seamless, elegant line to the watch as it wraps around your wrist.



Wearing it on the wrist: it’s definitely heavier than the other Pearlmasters but not too much that it’s bothersome; I’d say the equivalent of wearing a Rolex Day-Date President 18238. The weight distribution actually simulates a very sturdy feeling, but then again I like that type of weight on my wrist when it comes to the watch I’m wearing.

For my personal taste, 29mm is the perfect size. It’s not petite like the 26mm Lady-Datejust but it is still very feminine. While a Pearlmaster always looks a little dressier since the inks, lugs, and case have a high-polish — with this amount of diamonds, it’s even more so. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this everyday but would lean more towards date nights, special, or black tie events. But no matter where you’d choose to wear it, this Rolex will definitely be the talk of the room. It’s not the lease bit gaudy but just the perfect balance of over-the-top elegance.

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