How do I contact Watch Chest for luxury watch service?

At Watch Chest, we want to make this experience as easy for you as possible. Please follow these instructions to insure a smooth transaction:

1. Read below for more information on Watch Chest and the repair service we offer.
2. To contact Watch Chest, LLC and give us notice that you are shipping your luxury watch for service, you may either fill out a Watch Service Form, contact us by telephone at 417-319-4044. The Watch Service Form will provide us with your contact information, Swiss watch information, and any requests or specific problems you may be having with your timepiece. For your convenience, the form will open in a new window.( make sure your pop-up is enabled)
3. Before shipping your luxury watch, we strongly recommend that you always keep record of the Rolex serial number and have it on file with your homeowner's insurance policy.
4. Once you have given Watch Chest, LLC notice that your luxury watch is being sent to us by telephone at 417-319-4044 and/or a Luxury Watch Service Form, you can now package your luxury watch. Before sending, we ask that you please include within the box your name and contact information, brand of Swiss watch and its serial and model number. Click here for instructions via video on how to safely package your luxury watch. All packages should be DOUBLE boxed with address information on inner box in case the outer box label is damaged.
5. Watch Chest, LLC recommends for you to ship your luxury watch through one of the following respected companies: UPS, FedEx, or US Mail Express / Priority. Purchasing shipping insurance is also definitely recommended by Watch Chest, LLC.
6. When the package is received, we will fully inspect the luxury watch and reply with a confirmation and the total cost of Rolex service.
7. After you have decided which watch services you would like performed and once Watch Chest, LLC sends you a confirmation, you will receive a payment invoice at your listed email account.
8. If there are any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (417-319-4044 or [email protected]).


What luxury watch brands do you service?

Tag Heuer
We do not service Rolex Quartz


How much will a Rolex service cost?

Starting at $650.00, our Rolex service includes a complete overhaul and the Watch Chest one (1) year warranty.

Send us your luxury watch for a free estimate! Watch Chest will examine your luxury watch and send you an email detailing the exact cost of Rolex repair. Should you decide not to repair the luxury watch, you are required to provide payment for return postage and shipping insurance. We accept major credit cards to cover this expense.

For Rolex Daytona movements 4130 and 4039, the overhaul Rolex service starts at $995.00.


What does the Watch Chest warranty include on overhauls?

One (1) Year; Watch Chest warrants this dependable and proper functioning of this luxury watch for one (1) year that you own the Swiss timepiece. This warranty does not cover loss, tampering, mistreatment or modification through the addition or substitution of parts or accessories not supplied at original service. In the event of malfunction arising as long as you own the luxury watch, Watch Chest will cause the defect to be remedied at no cost to the consumer. In the event of a qualified mechanical malfunction, Watch Chest will also cover insured shipping required for service of US customers. International customers are encouraged to service their watch locally due to customs and Watch Chest will reimburse customers our cost equivalent.


Why choose Watch Chest for my Swiss watch?

Our in-house, luxury watchmaker (Glenn Rutledge) is AWCI, CW21 certified and has over 35 years of Swiss watch experience. He is one of the top luxury watchmakers in the Swiss watch business, as there are less than 260 CW21 certified watchmakers in the world as of February 2012. Our Swiss watchmaker is professionally trained graduating in 1977 and has received continuing Rolex education from the Rolex Dallas Training Facility.


How long will a Rolex service take?

In most cases a Rolex service takes 14 - 21 days from the day we receive your Swiss timepiece.


How do I send my luxury watch to Watch Chest?

Watch Chest recommends UPS, FedEx, or US Mail Express / Priority. Insurance on your timepiece is recommended. For instructions via video on how to safely package and ship your luxury watch, please click here.


What are the methods of payment that Watch Chest accepts?

Watch Chest accepts payment by all major credit card, check, cash, and bank wire transfer.


How do I know the luxury bracelet will fit my wrist once I purchase the fine, Swiss watch?

If you have a tape measure at home, Watch Chest suggests that you measure your wrist to assure a good fit when you receive your luxury watch. For your convenience, we have a PDF file of a printable tape measure. Once the PDF is opened, print off and cut out the tape measure, measure the wrist that you will wear the Rolex watch on, and let us know your wrist size. We will have it sized for you and ready to wear upon arrival.

Click here for a video on how to properly measure your wrist.

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