Pre-Owned Luxury Chronograph Watches

Transcending mere timekeeping, chronograph watches are miniature marvels of engineering that capture elapsed seconds with breathtaking precision. Stylish, iconic, and functional, a chronograph watch is a special piece to have in your collection. View our selection of pre-owned chronograph watches and discover the perfect one to complement your signature style.

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What Are Chronograph Watches?

Chronograph watches combine the classic functionality of a wristwatch with the precise measurement capabilities of a stopwatch. This means you can not only keep track of the time throughout your day but also measure elapsed time with incredible accuracy.

Key Features of Chronograph Watches

  • Stopwatch Functionality: The defining feature of chronograph watches is the built-in stopwatch. This function allows you to start, stop, and reset the measurement of elapsed time.
  • Subdials: Chronographs typically feature one or more subdials. These smaller dials work in conjunction with the chronograph function, displaying elapsed seconds, minutes, and sometimes even hours.
  • Pusher Buttons: Located on the crown or side of the watch case, a pusher button typically controls the start, stop, and reset functions of the chronograph. Some complex models might have additional pushers for advanced features.
  • Tachymeter Scale (Optional): Sometimes you can encounter chronograph watches with additional features such as the tachymeter scale. This marked scale can be used in conjunction with the chronograph to calculate speed or distance based on travel time.
  • Additional Complications (Optional): While core chronographs focus on elapsed time measurement, some complex models incorporate additional complications. These might include a date display, moon phase, or even a GMT function for displaying multiple time zones.

Iconic Chronograph Models

One of the most legendary chronograph models is the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Forever etched in history as the "Moonwatch," this chronograph accompanied astronauts on their lunar missions, solidifying its place as a symbol of human achievement.

We also could not forget about the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which has become synonymous with high-speed thrills and unwavering precision. A watch designed with professional racing drivers in mind quickly gained popularity among racing legends like Paul Newman. Its timeless design and celebrity connections continue to fuel its iconic status.

Some of the most renowned chronograph Rolex Daytona models include:

  • Ref. 6239: This particular model is renowned for its association with the actor and racing enthusiast Paul Newman, who was often seen wearing it. Paul Newman's own Rolex Daytona 6239 was sold at auction in 2017 for a record-breaking $17,752,500, making it the most expensive wristwatches ever sold at auction.
  • Ref. 116500LN: Rolex Daytona Ceramic Bezel Steel features a black ceramic bezel that is incredibly scratch-resistant. It's a modern take on the classic Daytona with a bold look.
  • Ref. 16520: Rolex Daytona Zenith was Rolex’s first self-winding chronograph. Rolex used the Zenith El Primero movement as a base but heavily modified it, making it a significant model in Daytona history and special to collectors.

Price Trends for Pre-Owned Chronograph Watches

After a boom in the second-hand watches market that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the prices of many luxury models skyrocketed. There was a surge in pre-owned watch prices that reached its peak in 2022. However, this was followed by a healthy correction. Since then, the market has stabilized.

While prices are slightly lower than peak pandemic levels, the market has stayed steady with the most sought-after models, such as the Rolex Daytona, still dominating.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Chronograph Watches From Watch Chest?

Great Selection

We curate a selection of pre-owned men’s chronograph watches to fit various tastes and expectations. But most importantly, we have experience and connections that offer us access to models outside of our collection.

If you’re looking for a specific model that's not in stock, contact us. We’ll be happy to use our network to facilitate the sale and deliver your dream watch to you.


Now you don’t need to leave your house to find and purchase a luxury chronograph watch. There’s no waitlist for high-in-demand models when you’re buying through our store. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service, answering all your queries promptly and offering our expertise if necessary.

Certified Authentic

We conduct multipoint inspections, checking the watch’s performance, authenticity, and condition to ensure each of our products meets the highest quality and validity standards.

Sell or Trade Chronograph Watches

Are you looking to sell or trade chronograph watches? Watch Chest specializes in these services. Our seamless process is designed to offer you the best value for your watch. All you need to do is fill out a form on our website and send your watch to us.

Following a thorough inspection of the watch, typically completed within one business day, we will present a competitive offer for your consideration. Upon acceptance, prompt payment will be issued.

If you have questions about this process, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Expert Chronograph Watches Repair and Servicing

We also provide Rolex repair and servicing. Our esteemed master watchmaker Glenn Rutledge personally conducts a comprehensive diagnosis to pinpoint any potential complications. Following this, a meticulous disassembly of your Rolex occurs, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning and precise inspection of each individual component.

Lastly, your Rolex is reassembled, restoring its functionality to its zenith. We then present your revitalized timepiece accompanied by a 1-year warranty.

Buy a Chronograph Watch From Watch Chest

Our selection of timeless pre-owned chronograph watches is carefully curated to meet all your standards. Each timepiece in our collection undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

Helping you build a watch collection you love – that’s our mission. We’re happy to be a part of your history. Find premium chronograph watches at the best price and enjoy a new quality of measuring time.

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