Watch Spotting: Adam Driver Seen Wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Watch Spotting: Adam Driver Seen Wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual
December 15, 2023 3 min read
Watch Spotting: Adam Driver Seen Wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual

While doing press for his new movie "Ferrari" on the Rich Eisen Show, Adam Driver was spotted with a notable accessory that caught the attention of watch enthusiasts: the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, model 114300, with a striking blue dial. This watch, known for its classic design and timeless appeal, perfectly complemented Driver's understated yet sophisticated style.

Adam Driver Seen Wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual During 'Ferrari' Press Tour

How Much Does the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Worn by Adam Driver Cost?

This particular model, distinguished by its striking blue dial, remained in production until it was discontinued in 2020. Initially, the retail price for a new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 was typically between $5,000 and $6,000. However, current prices in the secondary market may vary, influenced by factors such as the watch's popularity, rarity, and its discontinued status. As of the time of writing this article, the price in the secondary market is approximately $8,500. Explore the latest pricing and shop the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, as worn by Adam Driver, in our store.

Key Features of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300

  • Case Size and Material: The Oyster Perpetual 114300 features a 39mm case made from Oystersteel, a material known for its durability and corrosion resistance. This size offers a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes and a versatile look suitable for different occasions.

  • Dial Design and Color: One of the most striking features of this model is its rich blue dial, which presents a vibrant yet elegant aesthetic. The dial is adorned with simple, clean baton markers and hands, all coated with luminescent material for enhanced visibility in low light. The absence of a date function contributes to the dial's minimalist design.
  • Movement: Inside the Oyster Perpetual 114300 is Rolex's self-winding mechanical movement, caliber 3132. This movement is a certified Swiss chronometer, a designation reserved for high-precision watches. It's equipped with a Parachrom hairspring, offering greater resistance to shocks and temperature variations, thereby enhancing the watch's reliability and accuracy.
  • Bracelet and Clasp: The watch comes with the classic Rolex Oyster bracelet, made from the same Oystersteel as the case. The bracelet is known for its comfort and versatility, and it features a folding Oysterclasp that ensures the watch remains secure on the wrist.
  • Water Resistance: The Oyster Perpetual 114300 has a water resistance of up to 100 meters (330 feet), making it suitable for everyday wear and capable of withstanding splashes or brief immersion in water.
  • Crystal: The watch is fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, adding to its durability and making it an excellent choice for daily wear.


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