One Surprising Secret to Extending the Life of Your Rolex

One Surprising Secret to Extending the Life of Your Rolex
June 16, 2015 2 min read
One Surprising Secret to Extending the Life of Your Rolex

Growing up around and working in an office with a watch service center makes it easy for me to be out of touch with reality in regards to how I care for my watch. I’m always mindful of its care, constantly wash it, and if I ever needed something I was able to talk to Glenn, Watch Chest’s in-house watchmaker, and he would look at it immediately.

He would always give me props on how well I wear a watch. But what if I had not grown up around it?

So one day I asked Glenn for the number one tip — asking him to name the single thing — a Rolex owner could do to take care of their watch. No special knowledge required.


“Wash it,”


Wash it? That’s it? It’s not winding it or taking to have it serviced every three years instead of six?

But when I thought about it, most owners wear their watch everyday so it goes through everything you go through. It’s exposed to dirt and dust, sweat, and it rests on your skin — so who knows what is really getting up in all of the nooks and crannies. Even the climate you live in can make a difference.

We shower to practice good bodily hygiene, so why wouldn’t we do that with our Rolex? Continuous build-up of everything your watch is exposed to can be harmful to your watch. As the metal sections rub together, the dirt and grime will grind, wearing down and eating into the metal. Granted, it takes years to cause intense damage but for those that have a more acidic body, Glenn has even seen where the steel becomes etched where the build-up has been. It can also get around the winding crown and down into the tube, eating away at an essential part of what makes your Rolex function.

Giving your Rolex a bath every month — or even every few weeks depending on your activities — will help extend the life and beauty of your luxury timepiece. It only takes a few minutes and you don’t need any special chemicals or solutions. Plus, your watch shines a little brighter and ups the level of the enjoyment when wearing it, just like after a car wash!

Learn how to properly clean your Rolex watch with our video tutorial or our slideshow tutorial!

Maintaning the inside of your Rolex is just as important as the outside. Check out our service page to see what we do!

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